Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Special Election

Today Massachusetts is holding a special election to fill the late Edward "Ted" Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. I'm excited! You see, the progressives (Democrats) need their current 60 vote supermajority to pass Obama's healthcare legislation, which would practically assure passage of Cap & Trade and Illegal Amnesty legislation as well. If Obama does not pass heathcare, his presidency will be seen as a failure, and he will certainly lose any chance at re-election. As you can imagine, they're pretty worried about today's outcome, as they should be. President Obama has been stumping for Martha Coakley (D), making television, radio, and phone ads using what political pull he has left to try to insure her victory. But is it helping?

Scott Brown (R) has been driving around the state in his pickup truck, (Janet Reno throwback, anyone?), with sports greats like Doug Flutie and Curt Schilling outside Fenway Park pulling for the populist candidate. After polling last year 30 points below Coakley, Brown is now seen in some polls leading by as much as 10 points. With the gradual awakening of the American people, populist, or "people's" candidates, who support small government, low taxes, and less government intervention will be at an advantage over the "big tent" types who advocate for more entitlement programs and increased spending. The trend I am seeing is of REAL Americans, those of us who work, pay bills and taxes, and generally want to be left alone, starting to wake up and realize the tyrannical nature of our current administration. And they don't like it... Not one bit.

So what happens now? Let's say the Union "thugs" and Harvard "scholars" show up in droves, some even paid to vote for Martha Coakley (yes, it's true), and she wins. That being the case, nothing really changes. The radical revolutionaries will continue on their current path, restricting our freedoms and ruining our economy, until we vote them out in November, which we will. On the other hand, let's say that what I've been hearing is true, that there are people literally wearing Red Coats and Blue Coats in Mass., walking around quoting the Founding Fathers, and rallying around Scott Brown. His win of this election would be a masive blow to the libs, and a great kickstart to Congressional Blowout 2010. Not only could we potentially stop the big tax-and-spend bills coming down the pike, we could create even more momentum for the Re-Awakening of America, which I and many others like me believe is essential to the survival of our nation.

Let's all hope and pray that Scott Brown successfully grabs the "Kennedy Seat", and pray even harder that he is a man who cannot be bought and traded to the dark side, that he will aid the conservatives in our fight for individual liberty, constitutional freedoms, and smaller, more effective government.

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  1. Hear hear!

    I'm grateful to all those who go out to vote today - the weather up there is horrible, but folks are braving it and getting out there. Long lines at the polls. So much hangs in the balance of this election...