Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while...

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote... I got a new job, it's gotten much hotter outside... Actually, I think that's about it. I am now back inside, but still selling. Over the past few months I've realized that sales is in my blood and there's nothing I can do to change that, so rather than fight it, do the school thing, and try to find a 'job' at some corporation doing way too much work for way too little pay, I've decided to embrace my career path and run with it.

The main 'drawback' to a sales career is that "everything depends on you". You'll hear weaker people say negative things about commission-only, how you'll never make any money, you have to fight for every dollar, etc. I think everything depending on me is the most exciting part! If I'm lazy and don't try, don't sell anything, I come home broke. It's a tiny bit of motivation to be on point at all times. If you don't put forth 110-150% effort EVERY SINGLE DAY, you might as well not even come to work. I may be a little biased, or maybe I like the challenge, but if you can settle for an hourly job where someone else is in control of your destiny, good for you.

I've also been looking more into writing for a living. While sales is in my blood, and something I really enjoy, writing is a passion that, if it could pay the bills, would give me the best lifestyle I can imagine. Wake up in my cabin in the middle of nowhere, go take care of the crops and animals, do a little writing, maybe a little riding... Mmmmm. Near-perfection!

However, for now I'll keep doing what I'm doing, pay off some bills, and enjoy life. Look for some short stories in the near future, I think that will be my next blog endeavor. Until next time, be easy!