Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal Appeals

Yesterday was a big day in American history, and I am glad to have been around to witness it. While I am not sure Scott Brown is the BEST candidate, and I don't know his M.O., I do know that the PEOPLE of Mass. spoke and the world is listening! Well, maybe not so much the world... But Obama is DEFINITELY pissed this morning! And, well, he has every right to be (in his own mind, anyway).

Obama was elected "by mandate" as the "messiah" candidate, and everyone loved him. There was absolutely NOTHING the guy could do wrong! Hangs out with terrorists? Big deal! Attends a church for 20 years that preaches hatred and American destruction? So what, he was probably sleeping anyway! Communists in the White House? You get the picture... But do you get what's happening right now? No, do you REALLY understand what's going on in your own country? Either way, you're about to! :)

Think back to November with me for a minute. Remember those special gubernatorial elections, New Jersey and Virginia? Well, do you remember that Obama was out PERSONALLY campaigning for the Democrat candidates (instead of making a decision on Afghanistan)? Do you remember them losing to the Republican candidates in notoriously "blue" states? The same thing just happened last night. Despite Obama's personal appeals (hence today's title), the candidates he goes out to support still lose. Three times in a row. Do you think Obama and his cronies have noticed this trend, too? You bet your bottom dollar they have! And they're getting a TAD bit worried. The POTUS, after only a year into his term, has lost his political pull with the people.

Bigger picture: The American people are starting to realize the LIES they are being bombarded with on a daily basis from "trusted" sources. They realize the hope and change they voted for isn't the hope and change they wanted. They want a smaller government. They want lower taxes. They want a president who will STAND UP for America and DEFEND the Constitution! So they are telling us at the voting booth, "We've had enough. Your entitlements won't buy us anymore. Your broken promises won't fool us anymore. We know what we want, we know who we are, and we know you don't get it. So get out."

Let's take today and celebrate our victory! Not the victory of Scott Brown, former semi-nude model and weird father (thanks Glenn). No, today we celebrate the American people, for braving the cold, snow, and sleet to make their voices heard. We celebrate the awakening of a dragon, who once awoken, is the toughest force in the world to overcome. We celebrate the fact that our Founding Fathers had the foresight to give that dragon the means to defend itself, from tyranny, from corruption, from those who seek to suppress our independence. Tomorrow we will diligently be back at work, watching the every move of the political elite for signs of trickery and ill-will. Today, we will celebrate.

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