Thursday, January 7, 2010


Being as this is my first blog (and first post on said blog) I'll take a few lines to briefly introduce myself. I won't make this too long or in-depth, because you'll get to know me soon enough. My name is Jim and I am a WMSWW. Oops, sometimes I forget that not everything is a "Personals" ad on Craigslist... Let me translate: I'm a white, politically conservative, socially moderate, male 20-something seeking a like-minded female. (That search isn't going too well, by the way.) I live in a formerly small Florida town that's trying way too hard to grow up, which is both amusing and annoying at the same time. I work with my family at our retail business, which is another story for another day!

I've been thinking about the blog scene for a while, mostly as something to do to take up the ample free time I have while standing around waiting for the Great Recession to end. For some reason, call it an epiphany, revelation, or misfiring synapses in my brain, the phrase "Diary of a Broken Youth", and subsequently this blog, came to mind today, and it seemed fitting given the current circumstances. You see, my ACTUAL youth (growing up, middle school, high school) went pretty well, all things considered. I didn't die, and well, I probably should have - on more than a few occasions. Go me! My story isn't unlike yours, things were going great, my future looked bright, and I was on top of the world! And then it happened. LIFE. That dastardly sum-bitch sneaks up on ya when you least expect it!

The "Broken Youth" part ("Diary" is pretty obvious) will be about life as I see it in a frugal and confused transforming society, more commonly known as the United States circa 2010. I don't plan on this being a political or social "agenda blog", nor do I plan on ignoring any topic that's worth discussing. I would love to see people comment, debate, suggest topics, and just plain interact with each other, something I feel is increasingly absent from our techno-modern lives.

So there you have it! YOU are on the cutting edge! The first to be a part of a brand new fad! Stick around, we'll have some fun. :)

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  1. GREAT first entry!

    Can't wait to read more.......