Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brain Stew

There comes a time,
In life, when death,
Is thoughtfully,
Thoroughly considered.

Sometimes it is the taking,
Of another's or your own,
Sometimes its from thinking,
You're old or all alone.

And when the time,
Of ponder is at hand,
Do we sit and take it?
Or do we make a stand?

Ofttimes I wonder,
With my prophetic mind,
What the future holds,
Try to determine mine.

The stand I take,
Though hard and long,
The choice I make,
Is it right or wrong?

Thick and thin,
Old and new,
What should I think,
When I think of you?

I like to dream,
Of better days,
When all our trouble,
Will go away.

And then I stop,
And fully see,
Exactly what's,
Become of me.

A dreamer?
A thinker?
A persistent man?
Is that what I really am?

So for today,
And maybe tomorrow,
I will sit here,
In my sorrow.

But don't you think,
Not for one minute!
That when the time comes,
That I'll regret it!

If it weren't for me,
Writing these words,
My harbored thoughts,
Would not be heard.

And so I'll sit,
And here I'll stay,
To write and ponder,
Another day.

Save your sympathy,
Save your grief,
Keep the symphony,
Playing by the wreath.

For on that day,
When I am gone,
I want to hear,
A happy song.

A song about flowers,
That grow so high,
And a girl with stars,
Right in her eyes.

Because in my dreams,
That's what I see,
And when I awake,
She's not with me.

My dear, where did you go?
It seems as if you disappeared,
Like footprints under fallen snow,
Almost exactly as I feared.

The moral of the story,
I write for you this day,
Is not cause for worry,
So please do not dismay.

Only do I wonder,
And only do I think,
What does the future hold for me?
I hope it doesn't stink!

Hope you all enjoyed that little tour of my mind... I've been stuck in my head all day and I needed to get it out somehow. For some reason, poetry seems to say what I can't. On a lighter note!!!

My new job is going swimmingly! Had a great first week in the field, made 3 sales, learned a LOT, and met some pretty cool people. I got kicked out of an entire town by the police, almost got eaten by a dog, AND... I doubled my "normal" weekly earnings. Not too shabby for not knowing what I'm doing! So needless to say, I'll be back on Monday.
(Once I start rhyming, it's really hard for me to stop. Sorry, it's kinda like an addiction.
"Hi, I'm Jim."
' Hi Jim!'
"And I'm addicted to rhyming."
'Thanks for sharing, Jim, don't you feel soooo much better about yourself?'
"No, actually, I don't. But thanks for asking."
Doesn't the saying your name thing take the anonymous out of it? Or is that just me?)
Sorry, little bit of a tangent there... Anyways, it sounds like my laundry is ready to come out of the dryer. I better start ironing. Ugh... Leave me some comments. And tell your friends to follow me. Thanks! :)

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  1. You didn't tell me you had another entry. Interesting poetry. LOVED the last line.. LOL The absolute perfect spin.

    So glad you are doing great at the new job. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!