Sunday, March 21, 2010

66! 90! Go, go, go!!

I'm sitting in the computer room at my parent's house, watching and listening to the rain falling outside. Sunday has become the only day I have to myself, so I try to use it to its fullest potential. That means doing laundry, cleaning up after "Skunky" the guinea pig, and spending time with everyone that wants to hang out. Surprisingly, spending time with people is the hardest for me to actually accomplish. I hate time management. I do love being busy, though... Always on the go, I never take the time to just stay home and relax with the family. I don't know why, either. Maybe it's because there's so much world out there, I feel like I should be out experiencing it. This is a serious Catch-22 for me, which I will deal with at a later date, I'm not thinking about that now.
I have had a very enjoyable weekend so far... I got a little beat up this past week at work, which happens from time to time in the direct outdoor (read: door-to-door) sales business. I decided to take yesterday off because I knew I wouldn't be effective in the state of mind I was in on Friday. Good decision on my part! I feel well-rested and ready to get back at it on Monday. Then, Thursday through Sunday I'll be out of state for a wedding (not mine!), and then back to the streets the following Monday.
One last note, before I wrap this up and watch some of the Dallas Supercross race, after which I'll leave until about midnight, when I'll come home to prepare for tomorrow. I realized that walking about 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, at about 2-3 mph (call it 2.5) means I walk about 90 MILES a week (15 mi/day)! That means, assuming this pace and the 5 weeks I've been at this job, that I have walked around 450 miles so far. And I wonder why I wore my shoes out so fast! So for you friends who wonder why I'm never around anymore, my 66 hour work week, and immense walking mileage are the answer.
I think my clothes are done drying... Back to work I go! As always, thanks for reading! I'll be back the next chance I get. :-)

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